Marquee Hire for Your Wedding: 4 Things to Consider

Australia’s sensational weather means that having your wedding reception in a marquee can be a wonderful choice. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your plans, otherwise the whole process can become unpleasantly complicated.

1. All-Inclusive is Best

Marquee hire for a wedding might seem like the most cost-effective option when it comes to accommodating a large crowd. This is not necessarily the case. In addition to hiring the marquee, you need to fill it. Consider the cost of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, decorations, lighting, a sound system, and the cost of supplying electricity to the marquee. Electricity costs can vary significantly depending on whether there is an available mains supply or whether a generator is needed. These costs can quickly add up. Some hire firms will only offer the marquee and will leave everything else up to you to source. It’s better to opt for an all-inclusive hire, where everything you will need for the marquee is included. The price might seem higher at face value, but once you become aware of the costs of hiring everything you need on an individual basis, that price will suddenly become very reasonable.

2. The Venue’s Requirements

You need to check the requirements of the venue where the marquee will be erected before you actually book the marquee. Some venues have restrictions as to where the marquee can be erected on their property, which means you might need to rethink the intended size of your marquee. Some venues might also require a very speedy turnaround time when it comes to putting up and taking down the marquee. Is the marquee hire firm able to work to this schedule? It’s vital to be aware of the venue’s requirements before booking a marquee.

3. Insurance

What sort of insurance is available? While marquees are certainly sturdy, you need to consider a worst case scenario. Someone might injure themselves by walking into a support pole, or something of that nature. Does the marquee hire firm or the venue provide liability insurance for such an eventuality, or is this something you need to arrange separately?

4. Book Ahead

While the concept of a marquee wedding might seem to be a more casual affair, you cannot be casual with your planning. Once you’ve confirmed that the venue can accommodate a marquee of the required size, you will need to book the marquee as soon as possible. There will be other people who will making similar plans to you (particularly during the warmer months), so if the booking is left too late, you might have trouble sourcing a marquee of an appropriate size and style.

By being mindful of these critical aspects of marquee hire you will ensure that your special day will go off without any hitches.

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Basic DJ Equipment for Beginners and Amateurs

Venturing into the disc spinning career can be challenging but very rewarding in the end. It requires you to make critical decisions while choosing the right equipment to kickstart your DJ career.  One of the decisions you have to make is what you plan to spin. Some DJs choose to stay traditional while others prefer vinyl. Even as you buy your first equipment, there are two options for you to select: buying each gear piece separately or buying a package that gives you all the sets in one arrangement. Amateur DJs begin with a system package with components that are designed to work together. This is what you need to know concerning various components that make a good DJ setup:


There are two versions of DJ turntables: the belt drive turntable and direct drive turntable. Belt drive turntables can be more budget-friendly for a beginner than direct-drive. On the other hand, direct drive turntables offer a faster spinning speed recovery just after scratching, whereas belt drives can take some time to reach the needed speed. Take time and compare torque speeds of both turntables because the higher the spinning, the faster your speed recovery time.


Mixers are usually considered the heart and soul of any DJ setup. Your mixer connects your DJ gear together and has many controls and other features like knobs that help you customize your sounds well and clear. The mixer features the channel with a set of controls for the turn table or CD players. Other features include the faders and cross faders which let you fade the volume sound in and out. The channel faders control the volume for one source whereas the crossfader simultaneously fade in one channel while fading out another.

DJ software and applications

There are software and applications developed for DJs to monitor all their mixing moves, to apply sound filters, effects and also adjust music wave forms. All of this software enables you to load your music library into a virtual storage; it also enables virtual controls for playback. In addition, it also creates virtual decks from which you do the mixing. Most software and applications have similar functions and are easy to adapt to.

Learning the basics of operating the DJ equipment doesn’t take a lot of time. It requires commitment to understand how each item combines with the other to produce the best music interfaces for your audience to enjoy. Don’t hesitate to learn from experienced and professional spin masters, but with time, you will make your own household name.

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Benefits of Marquee Hire for Your Party

Your birthday party is around the corner and you really want to make it memorable but have no idea how you can do that. You want a venue that is comfortable and nice looking but you are not in support of the idea of booking hotel.

The following points will explain to you why opting for marquee hire is a smart move when you are planning for your party:


By hiring a marquee for your party, you are free to choose any location that you feel is appropriate. You are not restricted to have a party at a fixed location that may not be inconvenient for all your guests. With marquee hire, you can have the party at your home’s backyard, and you won’t have to worry about ending the party at a particular time; you can even have it all night long.

What is more, you can host any number of guests who you like as you can expand the size of the venue to accommodate all your guests with a larger marquee. Provided you have enough space in your backyard, then more marquees can be erected. This is unlike hotels where the size of the hotel rooms can dictate the number of guests to have for your party.

Blank canvas

A marquee provides a blank canvas so you do not have to worry about the theme color of your party clashing with the curtains. You can choose whatever color you prefer and the design. You could also be creative with the lighting as you wish. In most hotels, there will be restrictions with what you can do with the available space. Therefore, with a marquee hire, you have complete control of the design of your event.

Appropriate for any weather

You might be worried about having a party at your home grounds considering the weather at that time. With marquees, you can rest assured that the weather will not ruin your special day, as they are adaptable to the weather. If it is too cold, heaters can be installed to keep your venue warm.

Marquee companies offer a complete solution

When planning for a party, you will definitely need more services like those of caterers, entertainment and lighting designers. By hiring a marque, you will not need to go through the struggle of finding those who offer the best of these services. Marquee hire companies can recommend companies they regularly work with.

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Considerations When Planning For Swimming Pool Construction

Building a swimming pool in your home is a project that requires you to ponder over so many things. This is because the project will cost you a considerable amount of money and the pool section is where you will spend most of the time when you are at home, especially if you live in a region with long summers and a warmer climate year-round.

If you plan to construct an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard any time soon, here are a number of things you will have to consider. After all, a well-built in-ground pool is a good investment in your family!


When it comes to swimming pool landscaping, both aesthetics and value addition should be at the top of your mind. A swimming pool will significantly add to the value of your home if the backyard area is large enough to put up a pool and still have some space remaining for planting a beautiful garden.

Shop around in local nurseries to ensure you select plant varieties that thrive in your area.  Also, think about devising a water irrigation system that will help keep the swimming pool landscape looking at its best throughout the year with minimal water usage.

Remember that swimming pool landscaping is not just a matter personal preference; be sure you are updated on zoning restrictions for pool-construction in your local area.

DIY or Hire?

The execution of the project always comes down to one decision: To DIY or hire an expert pool builder? Sure, you will not pay anybody if you choose to do the project by yourself but keep in mind that an in-ground swimming pool is in itself an intricate system of components. Hence, you might not have the necessary know-how and skill to perform the project even if you are a seasoned DIYer. The most appropriate option is to hire a competent swimming pool builder, as they will be knowledgeable on crucial aspects of pool construction, thus making the entire process smooth and efficient. This way, you will be able to avoid making costly blunders.

Essential accessories

No matter the type of in-ground swimming pool you choose to construct, you will definitely need the right extra pool equipment to operate and keep the pool clean. Consider what type of pool pump will be powerful enough to ensure proper circulation of the water and also the type of pool filters required to keep it clean. In order to regulate pool water temperature, you may have to purchase a swimming pool heater as well. 

For more information, contact contractors like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas.

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Tools you need to clean your bach trumpet

The most important thing to remember when you’ve chosen the trumpet as your instrument is that you will have to take care of it properly at all times. Cleaning it regularly is essential for it to stay in peak condition and to work properly throughout its lifetime. Cleaning a bach trumpet is not very challenging, and definitely not something you need to hire a professional to do for you. However, to clean a bach trumpet properly, you need to use the appropriate tools for it. Learn what tools you need, and turn to a source that can offer you professional cleaning equipment.

Put under water

The first thing you need is a basin of sorts. It doesn’t matter what material it is, or if you’re just using you kitchen sink, but you should be able to fit your entire bach trumpet inside of it so that it can be completely covered in water. The basin should be filled with moderately warm water. Cold water won’t get it completely clean, and too hot water can affect the metal and distort it. Make sure you’re using a detergent especially developed for brass instruments, or the very least a mild detergent that can’t act abrasive on the surface of the instrument.

Valve casing brush

The valves are of vital importance to clean, as it’s here where a lot of moisture and dirt gathers while you’re playing. If left unattended, this moisture and dirt can develop into mould or a solution that will wear on the surface of the inside of the valves. This can ruin them completely and render your bach trumpet completely useless. Clean the valves gently after that they have been lowered in warm, soapy water with a valve casing brush. Some use toothbrushes for this task, but as the bristle on even the softest toothbrushes tend to be too stiff for these types of sensitive operations, you should opt to invest in a real valve casing brush.

Grease and oil

When you have washed and dried your bach trumpet, you still need to grease the slides and oil the valves. Doing this will prevent dirt from getting stuck to the more sensitive parts of your bach trumpet, as well as make it perform better when the parts are lubricated for fast reactions. Greasing the slides is also important, as the bacteria in your saliva can come to act like a glue, making the slides stick and make the trumpet useless. Grease and oil these parts every time you wash your bach trumpet. 

For more information, contact retailers like The Music Place.

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No bar to the barre—Restarting ballet as an adult dancer

If you danced ballet as a child or teen, but gave it up as you reached adult years, there is no reason that you cannot restart as an adult. Many dancers get a new level of enjoyment out of dancing as an adult, where there is less concern about dancing professionally and passing dance examinations, and more focus on the pleasure of dance.

Here are some tips to help you get started. 

Start at a lower level

Even if you danced at an intermediate or higher level in the past, it’s often advisable to start in a lower level class while you get an idea of your current fitness and what levels of dance your body can comfortably do at this point. For example, if you have not regularly danced recently, you may struggle with leaps and plies, and will need to spend time gaining muscle around your legs and knees to allow you to jump comfortably. 

Find a great dance teacher

In order to find a teacher that you really click with, it can be useful to try classes with a number of teachers and dance schools. Often finding a great teacher can help to motivate you to practise outside of class and help you to feel comfortable while you find your feet again as a dancer. Some dance schools offer classes specifically for dancers who are restarting ballet as adults, who may have cognitive memories of the dance moves but need some help to rebuild strength, agility and muscle memories. 

Get some new dance clothes and shoes

Even if you have carefully preserved your old dance outfits and shoes, the march of time on an older dancer’s body can mean that they fit quite differently to how you remember. Rather than wearing dancewear that emphasises lumps and bumps and shows any weight gain, invest in some new dance clothing that helps you feel confident and comfortable while dancing. You can even look at activewear rather than traditional dancewear, as adult dance classes usually have a much more flexible dress code than classes for younger students. 

Restarting ballet as an adult can be an enjoyable way to get fit and challenge your body in a unique way. If you are looking to start dancing again you should start looking for a dance class to start your journey. It’s worth trying a new class so that you can find one that is a good fit for you personally.  

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Things to Avoid When Going For a Psychic Reading

Paying a visit to psychic medium is something that is steadily becoming popular in today’s culture. More and more people are open to the idea of the spirit realm and are willing to try to contact loved ones who are deceased. This could be for the sake of closure or simply just out of curiosity. Whatever your reasons though, chances are you would want to make the most of your psychic reading. Here are some things to avoid thus aiding you in receiving the best possible reading that you could get.

Do not meet the psychic when frazzled

One easy way to throw your reading off is to arrive for the appointment under stress or frazzled from your day. If you would like to clearly channel the spiritual realm, you need to have a clear head. For one, do not set your appointment during hours known for peak traffic. This not only stands the chance of making you late for your appointment, but chances are you will arrive in a gloomy mood already and this may not be conducive for your reading.

Additionally, if you are stressed, chances are your mind will be focussing on what is bothering you rather than on the reading itself. This could make you miss out on vital cues during your reading. Hence, making you assume that it was not in depth enough. Overall, always go for your psychic reading when you are fresh and stress free, as this will make you better placed at staying attuned to the experience.

Do not bargain with the spirit world

Another mistake people make is trying to make deals with their dearly departed before even setting foot into the reading. It is not uncommon to find people willing their deceased loved ones to refer to specific situations, people and more in an attempt to make the experience seem authentic to the individual having the reading.

The truth of the matter though is that you cannot control what information is passed on to the psychic medium from the spiritual realm. The psychic will not know beforehand who will be paying you a visit. If you already have some preconceived notions on how you would like the reading to go, chances are you will be gravely disappointed. Instead of trying to make deals with your dearly departed, you should attend your reading with an open mind. This will make it easier for you to be receptive to what is going on at the reading. 

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What types of tasks can you delegate while party planning?

It can be a lot of fun and a rewarding experience to plan a party, but it also gets to be overwhelming when you are doing it alone. Just because you are the host, doesn’t mean everything is up to you and you alone. Here are some things to consider delegating to other people.

Keeping Track of RSVPs

An easy job that you can delegate to someone else is to keep track of RSVPs as they come in. Designate one person to handle the RSVPs by opening the mail and organising them into piles of people attending and not attending. They can keep a list of the guests arriving and whether they are bringing anyone with them. They can also make note of any special food requests, such as gluten items or people with peanut allergies. Choose someone who is organised and stays on top of things for this task.

Verifying Information With Vendors

Someone who is good with customer service and working with people will be a good candidate for dealing with the vendors. If you have a drink supply company or event hire company, you will need to keep up communications with them. Someone can take over this task by ordering tables and chairs, choosing special party equipment, and arranging for deliveries. They can send payments to the vendors and verify that the equipment will be ready on the date of the party.

Help With Parking

You may also want to delegate someone to help with matters related to parking. They can be the person guests email or call ahead of time to find out where they are supposed to park during the party. At the party, they should be the person helping to direct traffic. If you run out of parking spaces and they need to park further away, this person can use their own vehicle to pick them up at the parking lot and bring them to the party entrance.

Clean-Up Duties

Finally, have some people that help to clean up after the party. While many people are there to help set up, there are often fewer who stick around afterward. Delegate some people to pay vendors, put away food, help guests find their cars, and clean up the venue. If the party is at your own home, have some people who can help put leftovers away, return equipment to the party rental company, and help with dishes so you are not left with all this work.

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Top Four Reasons to Book a Function Venue in the CBD

If you want to book an offsite venue for a training function for your employees, you may want to consider booking a function venue in the central business district of your city or a city that you would like your staff to see.

Booking a function venue in the CBD offers a range of distinct advantages, and here’s a look at just a few of them:

1. Possible proximity to your office

If your business is in the CBD of your city, that makes it easy to get to a function venue in the CBD. You don’t have to worry about booking transportation or hiring a car. Instead, you can simply walk to the venue together.

Alternatively, you can have your employees meet you at the function venue, and as it’s in the same part of the city as your office, they don’t have to worry about taking different bus routes or driving a different direction than usual. This saves time and allows you to focus on your training event.

2. Proximity to others

In addition to being close to your office, a function venue in the CBD is likely close to other people’s offices. If you want to meet employees of another company or book a motivational speaker from another office, your event’s location in the CBD may make that easier.

In addition, if you don’t have to pay your trainers, speakers or entertainers a transportation fee, you will save money on your event.

3. Accessible transportation options

Even if your office isn’t in the CBD, finding transportation to the CBD is typically easy. The CBDs of most cities are served by bus or train routes, and even if you fly to the location, you can almost always grab a shuttle or taxi from the airport to the town’s CBD.

4. Fun activities

In most cases, CBD don’t just have financial institutions, offices and function venues. They also host restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, and in most Australian cities, the CDB overlaps with the city’s historical and cultural centre.

Because of this, you can easily plan an outing from the function venue. This is great if you want to break for lunch, check out a museum as part of a training exercise or take advantage of other amenities offered by the other facilities in the area.

For more benefits of booking a function venue in the CBD, contact a function venue operator or a skilled event planner.


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