Top Four Reasons to Book a Function Venue in the CBD

If you want to book an offsite venue for a training function for your employees, you may want to consider booking a function venue in the central business district of your city or a city that you would like your staff to see.

Booking a function venue in the CBD offers a range of distinct advantages, and here’s a look at just a few of them:

1. Possible proximity to your office

If your business is in the CBD of your city, that makes it easy to get to a function venue in the CBD. You don’t have to worry about booking transportation or hiring a car. Instead, you can simply walk to the venue together.

Alternatively, you can have your employees meet you at the function venue, and as it’s in the same part of the city as your office, they don’t have to worry about taking different bus routes or driving a different direction than usual. This saves time and allows you to focus on your training event.

2. Proximity to others

In addition to being close to your office, a function venue in the CBD is likely close to other people’s offices. If you want to meet employees of another company or book a motivational speaker from another office, your event’s location in the CBD may make that easier.

In addition, if you don’t have to pay your trainers, speakers or entertainers a transportation fee, you will save money on your event.

3. Accessible transportation options

Even if your office isn’t in the CBD, finding transportation to the CBD is typically easy. The CBDs of most cities are served by bus or train routes, and even if you fly to the location, you can almost always grab a shuttle or taxi from the airport to the town’s CBD.

4. Fun activities

In most cases, CBD don’t just have financial institutions, offices and function venues. They also host restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, and in most Australian cities, the CDB overlaps with the city’s historical and cultural centre.

Because of this, you can easily plan an outing from the function venue. This is great if you want to break for lunch, check out a museum as part of a training exercise or take advantage of other amenities offered by the other facilities in the area.

For more benefits of booking a function venue in the CBD, contact a function venue operator or a skilled event planner.


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